Large Blue Butterfly Flutters in Cotswolds for first time in 150 years.

After years of painstaking work, the Large Blue butterfly has successfully been re-introduced onto Rodborough Common, in the Cotswolds. About 750 butterflies have emerged this summer after 1100 larvae were released last autumn. This has followed five years off grassland management to create the optimum habitat. The grazing of the common by cows creates the ideal conditions by keeping the grass down so that sunlight can warm the soil. This is the first time that the Large Blue Butterfly has been seen in the Cotswolds for over 150 years. Rodborough Common, owned by the National Trust, offers panoramic views over Stroud and the Severn Valley. The common, grazed by local farmer’s cattle through the summer,  is a perfect place to walk and is totally dog friendly. The common also provides spectacular flora and fauna thus producing a spectacular living landscape.