The Cotswolds is full of beautiful villages, gardens, manors and castles, there being far too much to see in a single day. We do have some suggestions of itineraries that mix some villages, some arts and crafts, some history, and some gardens in one day. But if you can stay with us longer a 2 or 3-day visit will allow you to see so much more and understand more about life in the Cotswolds.

We are often asked questions about the Cotswolds and are pleased to provide some answers for you here.

Walking from village to village in the Cotswolds is best carried out by using local paths, the roads often being quite busy and narrow at times. As you would imagine, covering all of the delightful villages in the Cotswolds on foot would take some time, but there are a number of trails ranging from a few miles to many that could be used. Our Walking Tours offer both a drop off and pick up service, or a full guided walking tour, all of which can be varied to suit your particular needs. Walking is a delightful way to experience and enjoy the peaceful countryside, market towns and Cotswolds villages, each and everyone waiting to be discovered.

The Cotswolds cover over 800 square miles and whilst it is easy to reach using public transport (there are fast links to London for example – we can pick you up from the station by the way), it does not have a lot of internal bus routes, which makes it tricky to cover without a car. However, even with a car, the roads can be daunting for some. Undoubtedly the best way to get around is with an expert guide, especially if they are using a minibus, the extra height of the vehicle ensuring you get an even better view of the lovely countryside.

How long to spend in the Cotswolds? It’s a difficult question to answer, there being so much to see. People have been coming every year for a few days and still have not seen every village, garden, manor or castle in this area of exceptional natural beauty. But to start out, you really need 3-5 days, that way you will be able to see at least some of the gems that the Cotswolds has to offer. To help we have created some  itineraries that mix some villages, some arts and crafts, some history, and some gardens in just one day, besides offering some guided walking tours for those that want to get as close as possible to the wonderful landscape and village life.

There is no doubt that the roads in the Cotswolds can be a bit narrow, but unless you are driving a very wide vehicle they are all quite useable, as long as of course you are happy to move at the slower pace of life that this area is famous for. The biggest issue with driving in the Cotswolds is that the driver will not be able to take in the scenery and wonderful villages as well as their passengers. With this in mind, there is no doubt that traveling with a guide in a comfortable air conditioned 8 seat minibus is a far better alternative. That way everyone can take in the wonders of the area, all the while being told of the history and tales.

North or South Cotswolds? What a choice, and one that is hard to answer. The short answer must be both, but if you have to choose, the famous North with its honey-coloured buildings, beautiful wide valleys and market towns is not one to miss. However the lesser-known South has so much to offer too. In fact this area includes Painswick, known as the ‘Queen of the Cotswolds’ as well as such treasures as Owlpen Manor. The good news is that we have a tour that covers the North as well as one that covers the south of the area. Together they allow you to see many of the highlights of this wonderful area.


The Cotswold way winds 102 miles through the picturesque Cotswold countryside, starting at Chipping Campden in the north and ending in Bath Spa in the south.  Every step brings new wonders, there always being a view that will take your breath away and linger in your memory for many years to come. As to which is best, well that is something only you will be able to answer, each place on the walk offering its own version of beauty. For many Chipping Campden is the favourite, this elegant Cotswold market town with its wide high street, dating from the 14th Century, earning a special place in their hearts. For others the grandness of Bath wins the day. But whatever is your winner, you will find something to enjoy in each and every corner of the Cotswolds.

What a question, what month is best to visit the Cotswolds? There are two big deciders here, one is the famous British weather, which is hard to predict from one day to another at times, the other being ‘what’s going on’. The latter can cover simple things like being there to see the lambs gamboling in the fields to making sure you are there on a market day or other special occasion. Maybe you want to see the beautiful gardens, in which case the spring or summer will offer you the best experience. Whatever the time of the year, the area offers a magical experience for every visitor. The trick, if there is one, it not so much when you come, but rather what you see when you get there. To help we have a number of suggested itineraries that cover some villages, some arts and crafts, some history, and some gardens in just one day.


People often ask ‘what makes the Cotswold so special?’ Most people would say it must be the honey-hued stone architecture, others will point out the whole ambiance of the area, the slow pace of life that seems to be imbued in the very fabric of the buildings. Then there are the lovely gardens and the range of manors and castles. However, I reckon the real reason that the Cotswolds are special is that it is unspoilt and offers a vision of England as it was in the past. We would love to show you just how special the Cotswolds can be, our specially constructed itineraries allowing you to visit some of the highlights of the area in just one day.

The Cotswolds offers an incredible range of places to stay in, from fine hotels and pubs to quaint B&B’s. Location must be a key decider, some being very central whilst others are more secluded and ‘even more away from it all’. Some of the most well known are the Lygon Arms and the Broadway Hotel. But there are so many it is hard to cover them all here. But whichever you chose we will come a pick you up and wisk you away for a day to remember in the Cotswolds, one of the most special jewels in the crown of the UK.