Bourton Football Match in the River

The Annual five-a-side football match in the River Windrush at Bourton on the Water was held on Monday, August 31st. at 7.00 am this year. Bourton on the Water has had a large number of visitors since the easing of lockdown, so the match was organised to take place earlier than usual to maintain Government COVID guidelines.  The traditional sporting match, dating back almost 100 years, is held on the Monday of the bank holiday weekend at the end of August. This picture was taken in the 1920's.  Bourton on the Water has had as many as 10,000 visitors per day throughout August which has been a welcome boost to the local economy.  

Visit the Cotswold Model Village with Experienced Guide

The Model Village -  Old New Inn

Taking five years to build the model village in Bourton on the Water was opened in 1937 to celebrate the Coronation of King Georg V1 and Queen Elizabeth (the late Queen Mother). It is a one-ninth scale replica of the beautiful village containing all the buildings from the Old Mill (now the car museum), The Old New Inn, the river with water wheel and two churches from which one can hear singing. The Model Village is the only grade2 listed model in the country.