7 of the loveliest autumn Walks in England

 Dorset, Norfolk Coast, Dartmoor, Cornwall, Kent Downs, South Downs, all have lovely autumn walks, but the most popular is the Cotswolds. Is there anywhere in England as pretty. Sleepy villages, rolling hills Which make it the perfect place to escape to for some serious peace and quiet and excellent walks. Endless green fields, dreamy villages, and back for your favourite tipple beside a crackling fire in a local pub.  

How far can you see from Broadway Tower

Broadway Tower in the North Cotswolds stands over 1000ft tall and at 68ft high is the second-highest point in the Cotswolds and the highest castle in England. With unrivalled views of over 60 miles and a total of 16 counties, it is possible to see the River Severn in the south, The Wrekin, and Wales beyond in the west, Birmingham's towers to the north, and Oxford to the east.   An enchanting walk up the escarpment from the village of Broadway to the tower is part of the Cotswold Way. The Tower is always open, but the circular stairs to the viewing platform at the top close at 5.00 pm. 

Why Ellie Harrison and Countryfile were at Broadway Tower in the Cotswolds

Broadway Tower, one of the Cotswold's most popular destinations, was featured on Countryfile on BBC1 on Sunday, August 9th. Broadway Tower, built in 1798, was the vision of Capability Brown and was completed with the help of local Architect James Wyatt for George William the 6th. Earl of Coventry who lived at Croome Court near Pershore. To alleviate his new bride's homesickness, Lady Coventry, a bonfire on the beacon hill at the top of the escarpment was lit so she could see her home 20 miles away in Worcestershire. The tower was built on that site to appease her.   The 65ft tall tower stands majestically at the top of Fish Hill overlooking Broadway, the Vale of Evesham, and beyond commanding stunning views over 13 counties, and on a clear day, one can see 60 miles.  In 1827 Broadway Tower was converted into a residence in which a number of notable people have stayed amongst whom were William Morris, Edward Burne Jones, and Dante Gabriel Jones the Poet. Countryfile is available on i-player for those who missed the original screening.