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  • Prices

    Full day Tour from only as little as £325 total in winter to £385 in summer. All tours are fully inclusive but do not include lunch tea or admission to attractions or sites.

  • Duration

    8 Hours
  • Starting Location

    From your Hotel, train station, B&B or wherever you are staying in the Cotswolds.
  • Recommendations

    Roman Baths at Bath. Roman Villa at  Yanworth near Chedworth, or Visit the Amphitheatre and Roman Museum at Cirencester. Royal Tetbury is also a wonderful place to visit.
    Sudeley Castle has many connections with Roman Cotswolds. The Mosaic floor which can be found  in Spoonley Wood is well worth the walk.

Suggested Route

Romans built Cirencester Gloucester and Bath, the 182 mile Fosse Way which travels right through the Cotswolds, running from Exeter to Lincoln. and lavish mosaic floored villas  such as Chedworth and Great Witcombe.The remains of one of the largest Roman amphitheatres in Britain can be seen in Cirencester or Corinium Duborrum as it was known then. It was built in the early 2nd century, when the Roman city of Corinium  was second only to London in size and importance, with a population of over 10,000. The amphitheatre could hold about 8,000 spectators. After the Roman army left Britain, it was fortified against Saxon invaders.

Roman Baths


There are three naturally hot springs in Bath: one is King's spring, upon which the Roman Baths and temple to Sulis Minerva were built. The other two are the cross spring and Hetling Spring close to one another in Hot Bath Street, Though Bath is paticularly known as a Roma and Georgian city, many people came in the intervening centuries to visit and make use of the natural waters.The Cross Bath at the end of Bth Street and situated directly above the Cross Spring, is so called because pilgrims would come to the Abbey, leave their cross propped up against the wall and bathe there.

Cirencester Market Place


Mosaic floors of Roman Villas were a statement of wealth and importance. The Elaborate mosaic floors of the Roman villa in Spoonley Wood on the Sudeley estate were designed by the renowned school of mosaicists working in Corinium (Cirencester) The picture below is an exact replica of one of the floors using traditional Roman techniques with hand cut stones (tesserae).

Mosaic Floor of a Roman Villa

Best-Cotswold-Tours-Cotswold Stone Wall

The view from Sudeley across the Isbourne Valley with its sheep filled slopes is little changed today from the 2nd.and 4th.centuries when the Romans settled in the Cotswolds and wealthy landowners chose to build their homes here. The remains of two Roman Villas were discovered on the Sudeley estate in the 19th century when the fields were ploughed for the first time.


Bath Abbey


 The present abbey is the last great medieval cathedral to have been built in England. Building work began around 1499, but was not completed and used as a parish church until 1616, meaning it took nearly 120 years to finish.

A trip to Roman Bath is not complete without a visit to the magnificent Abbey.

Thanks Mark for being so warm and accommodating.  You are now officially our favourite tour guide in the UK.


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