Large Mosaics at the Roman Villa near Chedworth.

The site of the Roman Villa at Chedworth was discovered in 1868 near to a natural spring in the wooded Cotswold valleys of the River Coln. The estate was owned at the time by the Earl of Eldon. The Opulent Villa, built on the site of a previous dwelling built in 120AD, was built and occupied from 180-350 AD and was home to a wealthy Roman family. The Lavish building had underfloor heating, two bath houses and some of the best Mosaics in the country. There was a considerable Roman presence at Cirencester, Corinium Duborrum, the second largest Romano British Town after London. Over 50 Roman Villas have been found in the Cotswolds, showing how important and influential the Cotswolds were for the Romans. The National Trust now runs the Villa.