Let Nothing Perish

“Let nothing perish” was the motto of Charles Paget Wade who from the age of 7 collected over 22000 objects in Snowshill Manor which became his own personal museum. He bought The traditional 16th.C manor house with 14 acres of picturesque garden, in 1919 and promptly started to fill it with memorabilia such as toys, costumes, clocks, musical instruments and even Samurai armour which he wore in London, only to get arrested! He collected the artefacts over 30 years on his many trips around the World. When in Snowshill he lived in the humble priest’s house next door, so the manor could be dedicated to his unique finds. In 1952 Wade gifted the property to the National Trust with the stipulation that nothing should be labelled in order to stimulate guests curiosity. The artefacts are kept clean and dusted by a team of just five staff, which the 100,000/year visitors can enjoy.